The Starmus Festival was born to celebrate science and the arts with the goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public at large.


From Starmus IV to Starmus V

Dear Starmus Community, 2017 is a special year for us. The name “STARMUS” and the idea behind this unique event is 10 years old! Starmus was encouraged, blessed and powered by Brian May, Alexei Leonov and Stephen Hawking. Their spirit is lying in the foundations of this festival. Brian May symbolises arts, music, astronomy and…

Stephen Hawking
Keynote speaker Starmus II

“I greatly enjoyed the STARMUS festival. It is a combination of science and rock music, both of which I love. I hope there is a STARMUS next year, and you invite me. In a world beset by so many terrible problems, and so lacking in solutions, STARMUS offers a ray of hope. “

Neil Armstrong
Keynote speaker Starmus I

“Let us hope that our grandchildren at our age can look back and say, “The 20th century was a century of advancement and improvement in technology, and the 21st century was a century of advancement and improvement in human character.”

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